How to Measure
Diameter & Length:

filter width
filter length
(Note: Do not include handles, screw in adapters, etc. when measuring length)

filter threads

Standard (MPT) vs. SAE Threads
As you can see in this graphic, when looking at a filter's threads from the side the difference is very obvious. Standard, sometimes called "MPT" or "Male Pipe" threads are smaller and have a higher number of threads than the SAE style. The SAE threads are large and are square in nature almost resembling a child's toy. 

Filter Tops:
filter top

Filter Bottoms:
filter bottom

Filter Material: This is the material (spun Spa-Daddy Advanced Polyester) from which the filter media (the pleated 'fabric') is made. This material filter particles from your water that are 30 microns or larger, and as the filters are used they become even more effective, filtering down to 10 microns.

Some filters are also manufactured with 'Microban' technology which has antimicrobial properties. This treatment inhibits bacteria growth on the filter. Many of our filters have this option available.

Filter Area: This is the square footage of actual filter material in the filter - the more the pleats (or folds) in the filter the more filter material there will be