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Accessories - Floating Dispensers

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Floating dispensers are filled with either bromine or chlorine tablets and float in your hot tub. They have small, adjustable openings to allow for a consistant amount of chemical to be released.

Floating Bromine or Chlorine Tablet Dispenser
Spa-Daddy Floating Dispenser

Bromine Keeps Pools, Spas Properly Sanitized

Making sure a pool or spa is properly sanitized and that pH levels are kept in check is vital for creating an environment that is safe and inviting. While chlorine is an effective chemical to get the job done, bromine sanitizers provide an alternative that makes sense for many owners.

Bromine sanitizers are known to provide increased sanitizing capabilities in a wider range of pH levels than standard chlorine. For many people, bromine also causes less irritation for the eyes and skin. Add to this the fact that its odor isn`t quite as strong as chlorine and it`s a choice many make for ensuring their water is properly sanitized. provides customers with a wide selection of bromine sanitizers and related products. We also offer the spa filters, pool cartridge filters, spa chemicals and more that are required to ensure proper appearance and safety in recreational waters. We`ve been in business since 2002 and make it our mission to provide all of our customers with the very best in service, pricing and products.

We carry a wide range of bromine products, including:

Floating Bromine or Chlorine Tablet Dispenser - Floating in-line 1" chlorine / bromine dispenser. Adjustable to precisely control your chlorine / bromine usage.

Spa-Daddy Floating Dispenser - The best way to feed bromine/chlorine into your spa water! The easy twist release collar on the bottom allows you to set-up how much bromine/chlorine gets released into the water. It holds up to sixteen 1" tablets or ten 1 1/2" tablets and the simple turn lock top makes it easy to load and fill!

While bromine sanitizers will keep bacteria levels down within pool water, they are not the only consideration to make. To ensure properly cleaned water, it`s also vital to keep up with hot tub filters or swimming pool filter cartridges. These should be well maintained, replaced as necessary and periodically cleaned to ensure effective, efficient operation. Filters are responsible for removing larger debris, body oils and dirt. As important as they are, sanitizers and clarifiers are also required for properly maintained water. Clarifiers help spa filters function correctly and keep water sparkling clear.

Ordering a replacement spa filter, pool cartridge filters, bromine sanitizers and other products has never been easier. Just place your order on the secure website and we`ll deliver to your door. Most orders ship within the day for added customer convenience. We even deliver internationally. At, it`s our goal to earn customers for life.

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