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Clarifiers - Surface Collection

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Surface Collection devices float on the water and `soak up` and scum or body oils, removing them from the water.

Darlly Duck
Scumball  2 balls per pack

Water Clarifiers Tackle Cloudy Appearances

Sometimes it doesn`t matter how well pool cartridge filters are working or how perfectly balanced spa chemicals are, water will still look cloudy. This is because body oil, dirt, phosphorus and even rust can still be stuck in the system. When it`s time to get rid of a murky appearance, water clarifiers are required.

Water clarifiers help improve appearance by taking debris and emulsifying them. This, in turn, makes it easier for spa filters to do their work. While clarifiers do not replace the need for properly functioning spa or above ground pool filters, they enable the filtration system to do its job more efficiently.

At, we offer an extensive line of replacement spa filter products, pool cartridge filters and water clarifiers. We are a Michigan-based business that`s been around since 2002, serving the needs of clients all over the world. Our fast, convenient shipping and low prices make us the go-to place for spa chemicals, pool filter replacement cartridge products and more.

Darlly Duck - The Darlly Duck is one talented duck. He prevents scum lines from forming, eliminating the need to scrub the acryilic shell of the spa. He also reduces contaminates from clogging your filters, and if that`s not enough he absorbes 40 times his own weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics.

When one side is dirty, turn him over and he will continue his mission. Every now and then Darlly Duck likes to be rinsed and reused in your spa over and over.

Scumball - Pop the Scumball into your pool or hot tub and watch the scum lines and foaming disappear! The Scumball (a certified green product) absorbs 43 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions - improving filtration and prolonging filter life. Let it float until saturated, then clean and use it again! It lasts up to 4 months per use. The package comes with two Scumballs.

Enjoying a pool or spa that boasts fresh, clean water isn`t difficult. When functioning spa filters combine with the right spa chemicals and water clarifiers, a great experience is assured. Just order online and we`ll ship your products right to your door.

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