This is a shorter version one-piece replacement for older (pre 2004) Eco-Pur systems - this filter replaces both the outer filter and the inner filter.

IMPORTANT: These are three versions of this filter:

The Standard Version
The Longer, Narrow Version
The Shorter Version (this filter)

NOTE: This filter does not have minerals embedded in the filter media. Many of our customers use this filter alone as a direct replacement for their original two filters. If you prefer the mineral effect we recommend that you use this filter in conjunction with a SpaRX mineral cartridge, which lasts 4-6 months and is a very cost-effective solution.

Bottom Style: 2" MPT Threaded

Pleatco: PMA40SV-F2M-M

  • Diameter: 7"
  • Length: 5 15/16"
  • Top: Handle
  • Bottom: 2" MPT Threaded
  • Filter Area: 40 sq ft
  • Filter Material: Reemay Antimicrobial (3 oz/yard)

    Note: Antimicrobial filtration material is treated with Microban, which inhibits bacteria growth on the filter surface. A side benefit is that the microban treatment also make the filter a little easier to clean.
Alternate Filter Names: X268360 & X268057  |  X268360 & X268050  |  PMA-EP2  |  OMA-EP2  |  PAM-EP2  |  PMA40SV-F2M
Used in pools / spas made by: Down East  |  Ft. Wayne Spas  |  Master Spas and other manufacturers