This newly designed, two-stage filter is specifically designed for the Spa2Go or Spa-n-a-Box

Used in these spas: Spa2Go (blue or green). 6 ft. Spa-n-a-Box #CLP250-C, EZspa, GR8spa, STG1 STG2 STG3

This filter was improved in 2006 featuring the black foam dual stage which increases the filtration ability and water flow, and at the same time reduces drag on the jet pump. Some dealers are selling the old single stage filters, which are inferior and can cause the pump motor to overheat.

Top Style: Open 2" with Foam

Spa-Daddy SD-01273

  • Diameter: 4 1/2"
  • Length: 7 4/5"
  • Top: Open Hole:   2" with Foam
  • Bottom: Open Hole:   2"
  • Filter Area: 15 sq ft
  • Filter Material: SD Trilobal Polyester (3 oz/yard)

Alternate Filter Names: Spa2Go  |  Spa-n-a-Box  |  CLP250-C  |  CL250-C  |  EZspa  |  GR8spa  |  STG1  |  STG2  |  STG3  |  Comfort Line  |  LGFPKWS  | 
Used in pools / spas made by: MSpa  |  Spa-in-a-Box  |  Spa2Go and other manufacturers