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Sanitizers - Floating Dispensers

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Floating dispensers are filled with either bromine or chlorine tablets and float in your hot tub. They have small, adjustable openings to allow for a consistant amount of chemical to be released.

Spa Frog
Floating Bromine or Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

Dispensers Make Sanitizing Easier

Remembering to add bromine or chlorine tablets to a pool or spa can be a real pain in the neck. When a more convenient way to sanitize is desired, dispensers take a lot of the guesswork and trouble out of the proposition.

At, we offer a wide selection of sanitizer dispensers meant to work with bromine or chlorine. These products can store the right number of tablets to cover sanitizing needs for a few weeks or even a month or more in some cases.

Why are sanitizers important?

While your spa filters or swimming pool filter cartridges will keep the bigger debris out of the water, they don`t get rid of everything you need to be worried about. To ensure water that`s safe to swim in and free of harmful bacteria like E.coli, you need to sanitize on a regular basis. offers all the products you need to keep your water properly filtered, sanitized and clear. To enjoy a good overall water cleansing process, you`ll need to keep up with three main things. They are:

Filtering Your spa filters or above ground pool filters are your first line of defense against bigger debris. Making sure to properly clean filters and have replacement spa filter or pool filter replacement cartridges is essential to ensure this system functions right.

Sanitizing Properly killing bacteria in swimming water is as important as filtering. Dispensers for sanitizing agents can take a lot of the trouble out of this prospect while making sure water is properly protected.

Clarifiers These pool and spa chemicals help emulsify debris like dirt and oil. This makes them easier for a pool filter cartridge to do its job. When clarifiers are used, filters last longer, do their jobs better and water tends to be much clearer. makes it easy to keep up with pool and spa maintenance. Just order your sanitizing, filtering and clarifying products directly from our online store and we`ll deliver them to you right away. Spa-Daddy has been serving customers all over the world since 2002. We`ve gained a reputation for excellent service, great pricing and exceptional products.

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