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Sanitizers - Minerals

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Mineral Sanitizers are used in conjunction with bromine or chlorine. The presence of these minerals and metals make the chlorine / bromine more effective, allowing you to use less bromine or chlorine.

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Nature-2 Spa Cartridge
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Mineral Sanitizers Provide An Alternative

Chlorine and bromine are extremely effective sanitizers for spa and pool water. They are not, however, the only option out there. If something less harsh than standard pool or spa chemicals is desired, mineral sanitizers can get the job done right.

Mineral sanitizers work like their chemical counterparts to kill bacteria and make pool and spa water safer for use. Unlike bromine and chlorine though, mineral sanitizers tend to go easier on bathers` eyes and skin. While mineral products generally cannot be used solely to assure properly sanitized water, they do reduce the need for chemicals. Chlorine use, for example, can be reduced by as much as 70 percent. Mineral products rely on zinc, copper, silver and other elements to create algae-free spa and pool water.

At, we are pleased to offer our customers access to a wide selection of mineral sanitizers. We also offer a complete line of products necessary to keep pool water clean, clear and ready for use. From spa filters and swimming pool filter cartridges to clarifiers and more, we offer what owners need to assure a safe, comfortable water environment. has been in business since 2002. From our Michigan headquarters, we serve customers all over the United States and abroad. Whether it`s hot tub filters, a replacement spa filter or filter cleaning tools that customers need, our product line is sure to please. We`ve worked hard to build a reputation for quality products, friendly service and great prices, which is why so many of our customers rely on us for all of their pool and spa needs.

If you`d like to lessen reliance on bromine or chlorine in your pool or spa, we have the products you need. Our mineral sanitizers will keep your water in great condition and enable you to lessen reliance on harsher chemicals.

To order products from, just browse our secure site and select what you need. For your convenience, we accept a wide variety of payment options and do our best to ship orders the same day they are received. Free shipping is even available on orders of $90 or more within the United States and a few other locations.

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