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Testing - Chlorine Systems

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Testing Products for Chlorine Based pools and Spas

AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strips Reader
AquaChek MPS Test Strips 50 strips
AquaChek Yellow: 4-1 Test Strips - Chlorine  50 strips
Tru-Test Test Strips  50 test strips

Stay On Top Of Quality With The Right Water Testing Products

Keeping the water inside a pool, hot tub or spa in crystal clear, safe condition calls for more than spa chemicals and swimming pool filter cartridges. If you don`t know how the water quality measures up, the necessary adjustments will be impossible to determine. This is where water testing products are vital.

At, we understand the importance for all pool and spa owners to have access to topnotch water testing products for less. We are a Michigan-based company that has been serving clients with the very best in hot tub filters, spa chemicals and more since 2002. We offer our extensive product line for direct delivery to our customers` doors no matter where in the world we live.

Like our replacement spa filter line, our water testing products category is extensive and includes:

AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strips Reader - The AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strips Reader combines the AquaChek test strips with advanced digital technology to measure your water levels easily and accurately. It tests for Free Chlorine/Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity and provides you with low ok, or high indicators for each test parameter. All you have to do is dip one of the disposable test strips into your pool or spa, insert it into the reader and you get accurate results in seconds. It even stores the last 9 test results, so keeping track of your levels is a cinch! 25 strips are included with meter purchase. Power source: 2AA alkaline batteries (not included).

NOTE: If you just need the refill strips you can purchase them Here.

AquaChek MPS Test Strips - Tests for 3 important chemistries in seconds: Potassium Monopersulfate, pH, and Total Alkalinity.

Monopersulfate (MPS) is an oxidizing agent used in mineral purification systems such as Frog, SpaFrog, Nature2, PoolRx, or SpaRx Monopersulfate can also be used as an oxidizer for brominated pools and spas.

To keep you spa water clean and healthy, test the water before and after each use! If used in a pool we recommend testing at two ends or sides of the pool a minimum of twice a week. Its also a good idea to write down your results each time you test.

Get 3 important test results in just one dip! Dip an AquaChek MPS test strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove it immediately. You get test results in seconds!

User friendly easy-grip bottle with flip-top strip dispenser cap. Includes water chemistry insert and directions in 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Turkish.

AquaChek Yellow: 4-1 Test Strips - Chlorine - Tests for Free Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, pH and Total Alkalinity

Just dip an AquaChek Yellow strip in your pool or spa water for one second and remove it immediately. You get test results in seconds!

Tru-Test Test Strips - IMPORTANT NOTE: The AquaChek Trutest Digital Test Strips are designed to work with the AquaChek Trutest Digital Reader only - they can`t be used by themselves.

Tests for free chlorine/bromine, pH and total alkalinity. 50 strips per bottle.

While keeping up with spa filter cartridges and chemicals is important, there is more involved in pool and spa care. To know exactly what kind of environment you`re dealing with, you need the right water testing products. At, we offer the products you need and will ship them right to your door.

For same-day shipping, in most cases, just order from our convenient, secured website. We offer a variety of payment offers and stand behind our sales with a satisfaction guarantee.

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