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Testing - Thermometer

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Pentair Thermometer - EZ Read

Stay On Top Of Quality With The Right Water Testing Products

Keeping the water inside a pool, hot tub or spa in crystal clear, safe condition calls for more than spa chemicals and swimming pool filter cartridges. If you don`t know how the water quality measures up, the necessary adjustments will be impossible to determine. This is where water testing products are vital.

At, we understand the importance for all pool and spa owners to have access to topnotch water testing products for less. We are a Michigan-based company that has been serving clients with the very best in hot tub filters, spa chemicals and more since 2002. We offer our extensive product line for direct delivery to our customers` doors no matter where in the world we live.

Like our replacement spa filter line, our water testing products category is extensive and includes:

Pentair Thermometer - EZ Read - The E-Z Read Pond Thermometer will Sink or Float to allow you to check water temperature at different depths in your spa or pool. The magnified lens allows you to easily read the temperature accurately. It can float freely or be teathered with an attached 36 inch rope leash.

While keeping up with spa filter cartridges and chemicals is important, there is more involved in pool and spa care. To know exactly what kind of environment you`re dealing with, you need the right water testing products. At, we offer the products you need and will ship them right to your door.

For same-day shipping, in most cases, just order from our convenient, secured website. We offer a variety of payment offers and stand behind our sales with a satisfaction guarantee.

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