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Locating the correct spa filters or pool filter cartridge in a small local store can prove to be a nightmare. With so many manufacturers on the market today, it`s practically foolish to think a local outlet would have just about every option available. Fortunately for our customers, is not your average corner pool and spa store.

At, we make it a point to carry replacement spa filter and swimming pool filter cartridges by a wide variety of manufacturers. We do our very best to have the right spa chemicals, hot tub filters and more on hand and ready to ship to your door.

If you`re in need of a new pool filter cartridge or spa filters, we offer you several easy ways to search for the item you need. On this page, you can search for all spa, in-ground and above ground pool filters by manufacturer. We also offer convenient searching by model number and size. has been serving the needs of pool and spa owners all over the world since 2002. Although we are based in Michigan, we ship our products, including spa filters, internationally and cater to clients with a level of professionalism and expediency that is hard to top - even in a local store. We simply believing in providing our customers the best in products, pricing and service. After all, we want to make customers feel welcome so they come back to us for all their pool and spa needs.

Making sure to keep a replacement spa filter or pool filter cartridge on hand is essential for proper water maintenance. The filters are the first line of defense against an impure swimming condition. They are responsible for removing oil, debris and dirt from the water. While they cannot do the work alone, when used in conjunction with proper pool or spa chemicals they make a huge difference in water quality.

While it is perfectly acceptable to clean spa filter cartridges, it`s important to have a spare on hand. The cleaning process does take up to three full days to complete. The pool filter cartridge must be soaked for a full day. After this, it takes two days to dry out the material to ensure proper opening of the filtering pores. Even when a pool filter replacement cartridge is used and a clean filter is maintained at all times, pool and spa owners need to consider a few other steps. Proper water treatment products like spa chemicals and clarifiers are also necessary.

If running around from store to store to find a replacement spa filter doesn`t appeal, we have the perfect solution. You can look up your spa filters and pool products by manufacturer name and enjoy delivery right to your door. If you don`t know the manufacturer name, just try the model number or search by filter size.

At, it`s our mission to make sure you have the pool filter cartridge and cleaning products you need. We ship most orders within the same day and offer international shipping for your convenience. Customers in the United States and a few other locations don`t pay handling or shipping costs on order over $90.00.

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