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Having a clean, functional pool filter cartridge or spa filters is essential for creating a safe, clean recreational environment. At, we believe in making it easier for people to find the right filters to suit their needs. Our "Lookup By Filter Number" feature takes all of the guesswork out of finding proper replacements.

To use this important feature, just look at the swimming pool filter cartridges or hot tub filters you already have. If the number is still visible, or even just part of it, type it into the handy search box. If you cannot find the number or it`s no longer readable, you can also search by pool and spa manufacturer or by filter size.

At, we`re in the business of making it easier for people to take care of their recreational facilities. Whether it`s a replacement spa filter you need, spa chemicals or water testing products, we`ve got you covered. Our business began in 2002 in Michigan. We operate on a mission of providing the very best in pool and spa care products for less. Customer service is one of our top concerns. We know if we make you happy with the right pool filter cartridge or exceptional clarifiers, you`ll be back for more.

Spa filters and above ground pool filters are one of the most important parts of a cleaning system. If filters become clogged or don`t function as they should, dirt, body oils and other debris can be left in the water. Not only will this degrade the appearance of a pool or spa, but it could lead to a potentially hazardous situation. While spa filter cartridges alone will not fully clean water, they are the most important first line of defense.

To make sure our customers have the pool cartridge filters they need, we stock a very large supply of them from just about every major manufacturer on the market today. While it`s true that hot tub filters can be cleaned out, it`s always better to have spares. The cleaning process calls for a day of soaking and two days of drying to make sure all the tiny pores in the filters are opened up correctly and are ready to filter out debris.

Giving spa filters and pool filter cartridge models the boost they need to get the job done right does call for a few other products. Water clarifiers are vital for helping increase filter life while emulsifying oil and other unwanted contaminants in a pool. Swimming pool and spa chemicals are also necessary to remove bacteria. Other products like water treatments can play a role by balancing out pH and making the water environment friendlier for human skin.

If you`re ready to order a new replacement spa filter or swimming pool filter cartridges, is poised to assist. Just type in your model number, select the right part and place your order today. Most orders actually ship within the day and will arrive at your door as soon as possible. International shipping is also available for our customers` convenience.

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