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Water Sanitizers

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Keep Pools, Spas Safer With Water Sanitizers - A pool or spa`s water might look clean, but that doesn`t necessarily mean it is. Unless water sanitizers are used in addition to pool cartridge filters, spa chemicals and other supplies, there could be bacteria lurking just below the surface. At, we make a wide selection of sanitizers available to our customers in addition to hot tub filters, above ground pool filters, pool filter cartridge models and more.

Water sanitizers usually contain chlorine or bromine, which kill bacteria in the water. They are often used with mineral cartridges that allow pool and spa owners to use less chemicals to achieve proper cleansing.

Spa Frog
2 Pack: Bromine Spa Frog Replacement
2 Pack: Mineral Spa Frog Replacement
Bromine Tablets 2.2 lbs 2.2 lbs
Floating Bromine or Chlorine Tablet Dispenser
Granular Chlorine 1 lb  1 lb
Nature-2 Spa Cartridge
Spa Frog Replacement Bromine Cartridge
Spa Frog Replacement Mineral Cartridge

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