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Spa / Hot Tub Chemicals and Supplies

Spa Chemicals are essential for crystal clear Spa Water

When beautiful, clean spa water is desired, having the right chemicals is crutial. Unfortunately, running from store to store to find spa chemicals is no fun at all. Quite often, stores just won't have the right chemicals available. That's why is here to help. is a Michigan-based business that specializes in spa chemicals, pool and spa filters, and more. We've been in business since 2002, providing our customers with the spa filter cartridges, chemicals and more that they need. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, fast delivery and low pricing have made us a leader in the spa supply and pool chemicals industry.

We carry a complete line of spa chemicals including:

  • Sanitizers: Bromine, Chlorine, Minerals, Floating Dispensers. Chlorine or bromine to kill water bacteria. Mineral cartridges allow for effective sanitization at lower bromine / chlorine levels.
  • Clarifiers: Chlorine-Free Shock, Clarifing Agents, Enzymes, Surface Collection. Water clarifiers keep your water crystal clean by eliminating comtaminants (body oil, dirt, etc.) from the water.
  • Natural Spa Chemicals: . Products using food grade enzymes or minerals to maintain clear sparkling water without the chemical residue
  • Water-Treatment: PH, Metal Control, Leak Sealer, Stain and Scale, Defoamer. Specialty Chemicals - adjust PH, remove metal from water, fix small leaks, reduce scale and foaming.
  • Spa Ozonators: . Refresh your spa with a new ozonator
  • Testing: Chlorine Systems, Bromine Systems, Bacteria Testing, Thermometer. Water testing products to maintain the balance of chemicals in your pool, spa or hot tub water
  • Filter Cleaners: Overnight Soaks, Sprays, Filter Cleaning Tools, Granular Clearners. Used to remove the body oil and other residue that clog the tiny pores in your filter which isn't removed by rinsing alone.
  • Spa System Flush: . Used when changing the water in your spa or hut tub to clean all of the interior plumbing of caked on dirt and grime
  • Accessories: Pillows, Steps, Spa Vacuums, Pre-Fill Filter, Spa Cover Lifters, Floating Dispensers, Thermometers. Accessory products (steps, cover lifters, vacuums, pillows, thermometers, etc.) to enhance your spa experience
  • Aromatherapy: . Aromatherapy fragrances to enhance the relaxation and therapy of your spa.
  • All Spa Products: . A comprehensive listing of all of our spa products.

To make it easy for our customers to find the right spa chemicals, we make sure to offer an incredible selection. When you decide to order from, you'll find we lead the industry for spa chemicals because we:

1) Make ordering extremely easy - It doesn't matter whether you need spa chemicals or a replacement spa filter, we make finding the right products at the right prices simple. Our secured online store takes the hassle out of buying pool supplies. We even accept all major credit cards, Google Checkout, PayPal, online checks and mailed checks.

2) We ship fast - we ship your spa chemicals out of our door quickly. Most orders ship the same day, in fact. To make it very easy for our customers, we ship anywhere, including military bases. Our shipping costs are free to customers in the United States and a few other locations on orders over $90.00, too. For orders less than this amount, the cost is only $6.95. International orders cost more.

3) We take customer service very seriously - At, we know our success depends on your happiness. We're here to serve. To prove it, we offer a one-year guarantee on orders.

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