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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Water:


Under the sun, chlorine in your pool or hot tub becomes very unstable. The sunlight causes the chlorine to dissipate, which leaves you with a very rapid loss of your sanitizer - putting bathers at risk of swimming in under-sanitized water with harmful bacteria. All it takes is one sunny day to use up all of your non-protected chlorine, which is why it's very important to use stabilizer to protect your chlorine from the sun in outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Stabilizer is a chemical that slows down the rate at which chlorine reacts in the water. It will be effective if the amount in your water is kept between 40 and 80 PPM (Parts per Million).

⇒ Spa-Daddy's Stabilizer:

Too Much Stabilizer

  • Part of the chlorine will become ineffective (because the stabilizer forms a stronger bond with the water than the chlorine does)
  • Cloudy water

  • Partially or completely drain and refill your pool or hot tub to eliminate all, or some, of the stabilizer.

Not Enough Stabilizer

  • Rapid loss of chlorine in your water


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