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Filters for Above-Ground Pools

This is our entire inventory of filters for use in Above-Ground Pools. They are sorted by the three types of Above-Ground Pool Filters: 1) Cartridge Filters, which use replaceable polyester filters to filter the water, 2) Sand Filters, which use Sand to filter the water, and 3) DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Filters, which use Diatomaceous Earth to filter the water.

Replacement Filter Cartridges
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Cartridge Filtration Units
Sand Filtration Units
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Sand Filtration Units
De Filtration Units
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Cartridge Filters: Unlike Sand and DE filters, Cartridge filters do not need backwashing. Cartridge filters remove particulate down to about 8-10 microns in size

Sand Filters: The most common form of pool filters are sand filters. Sand filters remove debris down to about 25-30 microns in size, but by using advanced filter media such as Zeo Sand, sand filters can remove debris down to about 5-8 microns in size

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