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BlueZone Spa Ozonator

Spa Ozonator Troubleshooting

Is your spa water not as clean and clear as when you first purchased it? The likelihood is that your ozonator isn't functioning properly. Here's instructions for isolating and fixing the problem:

  • Does your spa have bubbles rising from the bottom? If so, then your internal plumbing is working and it's likely that your ozonator is no longer producing ozone and needs to be replaced.

    • When purchasing a new ozonator you want to make sure that it's compatible with your spa (120V or 240v). Our ozonators are universal ozonators which will work with either!

    • You also want to make sure that your new ozonator will plug into your spa without modification, so you're going to have to find out which type of plug your ozonater uses (there are seven basic plug types).
      1. First, hit the breaker to make sure that your spa is off and no power is running to it. Then open up the panel.
      2. Next, find the ozonator, and trace the power wire back to where it's plugged in.
      3. Un-plug the plug and examine it. Make sure that you purchase an ozonator with a plug that matches your plug exactly.
      4. Purchase a new ozonator with the correct plug (Click Here to see our complete line of Ozonators with assorted plugs), remove the old ozonator and install the new ozonator in its place
      5. We also recommend that you replace your tubing and check valve when replacing the ozonator (all of our ozonators come with tubing and a check valve)

  • If your spa does not have bubbles rising you may not need a new a new ozonator. The most common causes (and they're easy to fix) are either your filters or your check valve

    • If your filters are clogged you don`t have sufficient water pressure for your venturi-injector to work correctly, so before doing anythine else we strongly recommend replacing or deep cleaning your filters: (Replacement Filters)

    • The second most common problem is a frozen check valve. Your check valve (one-way valve) allows your ozone to flow into your spa and keeps your spa water from flowing `backwards` towards your ononator. When it fails it either allows flow in both directions, or doesn`t allow flow in either direction. In either case it needs to be replaced. To replace, crimp the 1/4" line running from your venturi injecter to your check valve, remove the old check valve and replace it with a new one - make sure you install it with the flow going toward your injector (away from the ozonator). Click Here to purchase a new Check Valve.

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