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scented shock

Scented Shock

Cense oxygen infused aromas will change the way you view your spa or hot tub experience forever, Cense is the only non-chlorine oxidant that offers the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy with a crystal clear spa experience. Cense creates an inviting and relaxing environment by eliminating the chemical smell of chlorine and replacing it with a pleasant scent.

Cense - Island Pleasures
Cense - Island Pleasures
Island Pleasures - A tropical fruity-floral blend of mandarin, coconut, pineapple and creamy vanilla, accented with soft petal jasmine.
Cense - Divine Secrets
Cense - Divine Secrets
Divine secrets - a tranquil, marine accord that combines lavender flowers blended with camellia and sheer green herbs with vanilla, musk, and precious woods add depth and round out the scent.
Cense - Quiet Escape
Cense - Quiet Escape
Quiet Escape - A unique blend with notes of vanilla, amber, and cinnamon, a floral heart of rose, jasmine and geranium, is rounded out by richer cedar and lavender..

Scented Shock Removes Cloudy Appearances
Sometimes it doesn`t matter how well pool cartridge filters are working or how perfectly balanced spa chemicals are, water will still look cloudy. This is because body oil, dirt, phosphorus and even rust can still be stuck in the system. When it`s time to get rid of a murky appearance, Scented Shocks are required.
Scented Shock help improve appearance by oxidizing dirt and oil.
At, we offer an extensive line of replacement spa filter products, pool cartridge filters and Scented Shock. We are a Michigan-based business that`s been around since 2002, serving the needs of clients all over the world. Our fast, convenient shipping and low prices make us the go-to place for spa chemicals, pool filter replacement cartridge products and more.

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