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FC-0187 filter cartridges compatible filters

Cross-References:   Pleatco PGS25-XP4 (formerly PGS25)   • Unicel C-4324
Diameter: 4-5/8"  Length: 9-3/4"
FC-0187 filter cartridges
Top View: Bottom View:
FC-0187 filter cartridges  top - Click on picture for larger top image FC-0187 filter cartridges  bottom - Click on picture for larger top image
Handle 1.90" Keyed

Click Here For Measuring Tips
   Filter Specifications:   (Click For Measuring Tips)
Diameter:   4 5/8"
Length:   9 3/4"
Top:   Handle
Bottom:   1.90" Open Hole (Keyed)
Filter Media:   Spa-Daddy Trilobal Polyester 4 oz/yard
Filter Area:  25 sq. feet
Core:  Easy-Flow Core  (What's This?)
Our Part #:   SD-00015


In Stock: Shipping in 1-3 Days
Price:  $29.95    

Case Price:  $25.95    
(Case of 4 filters - Cost: $103.80) | Spa Filters | Spa Chemicals | Hot Tub Filters | Replacement Spa Filter Click Here to See Why Spa-Daddy Filters
Are The Industry's Best Made Filters

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Our fragrances will add a pleasant scent to your spa water, significantly increasing relaxation and therapy! | Spa Filters | Spa Chemicals | Hot Tub Filters | Replacement Spa Filter

Your Pool / Hot Tub Deserves Spa-Daddy™ Brand Filters

Spa-Daddy™ Easy-Flow Cores, Spa-Daddy Trilobal Polyester Fabric and a Full One Year Satisfaction Guarantee - The ABC's behind The World's Best Filters

A) The Core of the filter is the structure around which the pleated filtration fabric stands.


Before the water passes through the filtration fabric (more on that later), it first must travel through the core, and that is the limiting factor of the filter. If the core is mostly plastic with a few drilled holes, the core inhibits water flow forcing the filtration fabric immediately around those holes to do all the filtration, providing less filtration, less water flow, and significantly shortens the life of the filter.

Our cores are engineered and molded (not drilled PVC) which allows for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge providing these benefits:

  • Increased filtration translates to greater efficiency
  • Greater media surface inhibits the growth of bacteria mold & algae delivering the best water quality
  • Makes it easier for the pump to pull more water through the cartridge, meaning less wear & tear on your pump

B) The Filtration Fabric does the dirty work removing the dirt and oil from your water.

There are two commonly used fabrics for Pool and Hot Tub filters

  • Spa-Daddy Trilobal Polyester fabric which is a thick single layer fabric, used in Spa-Daddy Filters.
  • Point Bonded fabric which is multiple layers of thin fabric bonded together.

The advantage of the Trilobal Polyester single layer thick fabric is that dirt and oil tends to stay near the outer surface of the filter, making it significantly easier to clean.

The Point Bonded fabric, on the other hand, allows the dirt and oil to permeate the inner layers of fabric where it becomes 'trapped' and nearly impossible to clean, significantly decreasing the useful life of the filter and putting greater pressure on your pump.

Spa-Daddy filters are manufactured using Spa-Daddy Trilobal Fabric because of its superior performance.

C) Spa-Daddy Filters are Covered by a One Year Complete Satifaction Guarantee.

Don't settle for less - if it doesn't say Spa-Daddy then it's not a genuine Spa-Daddy Filter.
In the final analysis, our Premium Spa-Daddy Brand Filter Cartridges with Easy-Flow Cores and Spa-Daddy Trilobal fabric deliver the purest water quality and saves money!

Your water pump works hard - Extend its life with the quality of Spa-Daddy brand filters.

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filter threads

Standard (MPT) vs. SAE Threads
As you can see in this graphic, when looking at a filter's threads from the side the difference is very obvious. Standard, sometimes called "MPT" or "Male Pipe" threads are smaller and have a higher number of threads than the SAE style. The SAE threads are much larger almost resembling a child's toy. 

Filter Tops:
filter top

Filter Bottoms:
filter bottom

Filter Material: This is the material (spun Spa-Daddy Advanced Polyester) from which the filter media (the pleated 'fabric') is made. This material filter particles from your water that are 30 microns or larger, and as the filters are used they become even more effective, filtering down to 10 microns.

Some filters are also manufactured with 'Microban' technology which has antimicrobial properties. This treatment inhibits bacteria growth on the filter. Many of our filters have this option available.

Filter Area: This is the square footage of actual filter material in the filter - the more the pleats (or folds) in the filter the more filter material there will be

Get Pool, Spa Filter Cartridges The Easy Way

When beautiful, clean pool or spa water is desired, having the right filters on hand is vital. Unfortunately, running from store to store to find pool filter cartridge replacements or spa filter cartridges is no fun at all. Quite often, stores just won't have the right pool cartridge filters available. That's why is here to help. is a Michigan-based business that specializes in spa, in-ground and above ground pool filters, spa chemicals and more. We've been in business since 2002, providing our customers with the swimming pool filter cartridges, chemicals and more that they need. Our commitment to exceptional customer service, fast delivery and low pricing have made us a leader in the spa supply and pool filter replacement cartridge industry.

Having the right hot tub filters or pool cartridge filters is essential for keeping the water you swim in clean. While spa chemicals tackle bacteria, pool and spa filter cartridges are responsible for removing just about everything else from the water. They are, in fact, the only line of defense against oil, dirt and other contaminants in the spa. Making sure to have at least two full sets of spa and swimming pool filter cartridges is important for keeping water in top condition.

While it's perfectly feasible to clean above ground pool filters, this is a several day process. This necessitates having at least a second set of filters on hand to use. To clean hot tub filters, make sure to soak them for at least a day and dry for two. This ensures that the tiny pores that are responsible for cleaning water are opened up properly to work correctly again.

To make it easy for our customers to find the right pool and spa filter cartridges, we make sure to offer an incredible selection. In fact, we have the right pool filter replacement cartridge to fit almost every model imaginable. When you decide to order from, you'll find we lead the industry for spa filters and pool filter cartridges because we:

1) Make ordering extremely easy - It doesn't matter whether you need spa chemicals or a replacement spa filter, we make finding the right products at the right prices simple. Our secured online store takes the hassle out of buying pool supplies. We even accept all major credit cards, Google Checkout, PayPal, online checks and mailed checks.

2) We ship fast - While we can't necessarily guarantee delivery times on spa filter cartridges to all locations, we ship orders out of our door quickly. Most orders ship the same day, in fact. To make it very easy for our customers, we ship anywhere, including military bases. Our shipping costs are free to customers in the United States and a few other locations on orders over $90.00, too. For orders less than this amount, the cost is only $6.95. International orders cost more.

3) We take customer service very seriously - At, we know our success depends on your happiness. We're here to serve. To prove it, we offer a one-year guarantee on orders.

To find a pool filter replacement cartridge or replacement spa filter, just use our convenient search feature

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