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Cense - Divine Secrets  2 lbs
Cense - Island Pleasures  2 lbs
Cense - Quiet Escape  2 lbs
Cense - Simple Rituals  2 lbs | Spa Filters | Spa Chemicals | Hot Tub Filters | Replacement Spa Filter

Your Pool / Hot Tub Deserves Spa-Daddy Brand Filters

Don't settle for less - if it doesn't say Spa-Daddy then it's not a genuine Spa-Daddy Filter. Our filters are the best pool, spa and hot tub filters available. Why? The difference is our free flow core. The core of the filter provides the structure around which the filtration material stands.


Before the water passes through the filtration material, if first must travel through the core, and that is the limiting factor of the filter. If the core is mostly plastic with a few drilled holes, the core inhibits water flow forcing the filtration material immediately around those holes to do all the filtration, providing less filtration, less water flow, and significantly shortens the life of the filter.

Our cores are engineered and molded (not drilled PVC) which allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which provides these benefits:

  • Increased filtration translates to greater efficiency
  • Greater media surface inhibits the growth of bacteria mold & algae delivering the best water quality
  • Makes it easier for the pump to pull more water through the cartridge, meaing less wear & tear on your pump

In the final analysis, our Premium Spa-Daddy Brand Filter Cartridges with Free Flow Cores deliver the purest water quality and saves money! Your water pump works hard - Extend its life with the quality of Spa-Daddy brand filters.

Can't find Your Filter?
If you can't find your filter here we recommend that you measure your existing filter and use our "Filter Finder: By Size page"
(We call this the fool-proof method, because it always works).

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